Independent Scientific Peer Review Committee

The Commission shall contract with an independent scientific peer review committee composed of scientifically recognized experts in the field of stem cell research.

The committee shall review, evaluate, rank, and rate research proposals for State-funded stem cell research based on the procedures and guidelines established by the Commission and in a manner that gives due consideration to the scientific, medical, and ethical implications of the research.

The committee shall make recommendations to the Commission, based on the rankings and ratings awarded to research proposals by the committee, for the award and disbursement of grants under the Fund.

A member of the committee is not eligible to receive a grant or loan for State-funded stem cell research from the Fund and may not reside in the State.

Members of the committee shall be subject to conflict of interest standards that are at least as stringent as the standards on conflict of interest adopted by the National Institutes of Health.


2017 Scientific Peer Review Committee Members