Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund - Brief Overview

Our MissionEstablished:
By the Governor and the Maryland General Assembly through the Maryland Stem Cell Research Act of 2006 during 2006 General Assembly Session.

The purpose of the Fund is to promote state-funded stem cell research and cures through grants and loans to public and private entities in the State. The Fund is a special, non-lapsing fund that is not subject to the State Finance and Procurement Article.

Proposal Review:
The Commission will establish an independent scientific peer review committee composed of scientifically recognized experts in the field of stem cell research. The Committee will review, evaluate, rank, and rate research proposals for State-funded stem cell research based on procedures and guidelines established by the Commissions and in a manner that gives due consideration to the scientific, medical, and ethical implications of the research. The Committee will then make recommendations to the Commission, based on the ranking and ratings awarded to each research proposal and according to its scientific merit. Members of the Committee are not eligible to receive a grant or loan from the Fund and may not reside in Maryland.

Fund Management/Administration:
Provided by the Maryland Technology Development Corporation (TEDCO), an independent entity established by the Maryland General Assembly in 1998 to facilitate the creation of businesses and foster their growth in all regions of the State through the development and commercialization of technology.