(Commission also Issues Request for Applications for Seven Funding Programs for January 19, 2023, Deadline)

MSCRF LogoSeptember 13, 2022The Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission announced it will grant $4,165,325 in award funding to innovative research that will strengthen and advance stem cell treatments and technologies in Maryland. Awardees submitted proposals to the Commission in response to its Request for Applications (RFAs) for its first round of funding cycle in fiscal year 2023. 

Recipients include 12 scientists accelerating research at Johns Hopkins University, University of Maryland, Baltimore County, University of Maryland, College Park, and the University of Maryland, Baltimore. Their research addresses an array of medical conditions, such as cancer, eye, heart, bone, blood, digestive, and immune system diseases.

“We are thrilled with the quality and innovation in each of these grant proposals”, said Diane Hoffmann, Chair of the Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission. “They bode well for the development of new stem cell therapies and businesses in Maryland. With our fiscal year 2023 budget and our new RFAs, we hope to fund even more research in this important area and make Maryland one of the top states in the country for stem cell research.”

The Commission has also issued RFAs for its second round of funding for fiscal year 2023 and is looking to continue accelerating cutting-edge research and cures through the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund (MSCRF)

Established under the Maryland Stem Cell Research Act of 2006, MSCRF promotes state-funded stem cell research and cures through grants to both public and private entities in Maryland. MSCRF has a current budget of $20.5 million for fiscal year 2023.

“We are delighted to support these 12 new recipients and enable them to advance treatments and cures for a wide range of medical conditions” said Dr. Amritha Jaishankar, Executive Director of MSCRF. “As we issue our next round of RFAs, I am also thrilled to introduce our Manufacturing Assistance Program that will enable our companies to accelerate GMP production of cell therapy products in Maryland, whilst simultaneously creating and retaining an advanced therapy manufacturing workforce in our region.”

The first round of MSCRF awards for the 2023 fiscal year include:

  • Clinical: This award is for Universities/Research Institutes or Companies that wish to conduct human stem cell-based clinical trials in the State of Maryland. Totaling $1,266,246, the Clinical Award recipients are Drs. Djordje Atanackovic and Sarah Sunshine from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.
  • Launch: This award is to encourage new and new-to-the-field faculty to bring innovative research and technology to the regenerative medicine field. Totaling $1,749,093, the Launch Award recipients are Drs. Moonjung Jung, Brian O'rourke, and Emmanouil Tampakakis from Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Chengpeng Chen from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County, and Dr. Raphael Meier from the University of Maryland, Baltimore.
  • Validation: This award funds faculty at Maryland-based Universities/Research institutes with IP for human stem cell-based technologies that require additional validation before creation of start-up companies. Totaling $1,149,986, the Validation Award recipients include Drs. Amer Riazuddin and Elias Zambidis from Johns Hopkins University, Drs. Curt Civin and Tao Lowe from the University of Maryland, Baltimore, and Dr. Xiaoming He from the University of Maryland, College Park.

More information about all current MSCRF awardees is available at https://www.mscrf.org/awardees

The Commission also issued RFAs for the following 7 MSCRF Programs: Launch, Validation, Commercialization, Clinical, Discovery, Post-Doctoral Fellowship, and a new Manufacturing Assistance Program. All applications are due by January 19, 2023.


About the Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission 
The Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission is focused on identifying and fostering cutting-edge research and innovation in the field of regenerative medicine in Maryland. Our Accelerating Cures initiative comprises programs that help transition human stem cell-based technologies from the bench to the bedside as well as mechanisms to build and grow stem cell companies in Maryland. Visit us at www.mscrf.org to learn more about our funding opportunities.

Amritha Jaishankar, PhD
Executive Director, MSCRF