MSCRF’s Commercialization grant program expands to businesses outside Maryland

COLUMBIA, Md. (May 30, 2024) – The Maryland Stem Cell Research Commission (“the Commission”) announces the release of Requests for Applications (RFAs) for the Maryland Stem Cell Research Fund’s (MSCRF) first funding cycle of fiscal year 2025 (FY25). MSCRF Logo

RFAs for this initial cycle are now available for five grant programs: Manufacturing Assistance, Clinical, Validation, Commercialization, and Launch. All applications are due by July 9, 2024.

Along with this announcement comes the news that the Commission is also extending grant funding to businesses outside of Maryland for the Commercialization grant program, provided the research activities are conducted within the State. The Clinical grant program is available to entities with at least one clinical site in Maryland. 

“This expansion aims to support the advancement of the field while promoting economic development in Maryland,” said Diane Hoffmann, chair of the Commission.

Recently, the Commission launched new strategic initiatives under the Validation and Commercialization grant programs, aiming to foster deliberate collaboration between the private and public sectors.

Ruchika Nijhara“Applicants who partner with a company or university to create a public-private partnership will be eligible for an additional $100,000 above the maximum grant award. By providing additional funding to companies and academic institutions for collaboration, we aim to strengthen and sustain the innovative ecosystem in Maryland for stem cell research,” stated Ruchika Nijhara, executive director of MSCRF. “This initiative underscores MSCRF’s steadfast commitment to accelerating the development of innovative stem cell-based therapies and technologies.”

MSCRF concluded its two funding cycles in fiscal year 2024, awarding more than $19 million in funding to 60 research projects from several companies and academic institutions.

The fund was established in 2006 by the Maryland Governor and Maryland General Assembly and has committed close to $200 million to 600 different research and development projects to date. 
Governor Moore and his administration more than doubled the funds in fiscal year 2023 and maintained the same level of funding with a current appropriation of $20.5 million for fiscal year 2025. “This level of funding demonstrates Governor Moore’s confidence in MSCRF and his commitment to position Maryland as a leader in regenerative medicine and positively impacting patient outcomes in the state and beyond,” says Nijhara.

MSCRF offers a variety of grant programs to support human stem cell research and development, with two funding cycles per fiscal year. These grant programs provide essential resources and support for researchers and companies at various development stages of stem cell technologies. 

“Our goal is to empower researchers and foster collaborations that will drive significant advancements in regenerative medicine and ultimately improve the quality of human lives. The MSCRF team is committed to helping researchers and businesses advance their research and development and is ready to answer any queries regarding the grant programs,” added Nijhara.

The application submission portal is now open and accessible on the MSCRF website at Applicants are encouraged to visit the MSCRF website for comprehensive information on the RFAs, eligibility criteria, and application guidelines. Companies outside of Maryland interested in the Commercialization grant program and are considering partnering with a contract service organization in Maryland should discuss the specifics of their proposed activities with the MSCRF team in advance to ensure compliance with program requirements. For further assistance, applicants can contact the MSCRF team at

Key Dates:

  • Application Submission Deadline: July 9, 2024, 12 p.m.
  • Award Announcements: September 2024

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