Domicell, Inc was organized for the purpose of research and development of innovative medical devices designed to overcome the current limitations of cell therapy approaches for the treatment of heart disease and other conditions.

Domicell’s Stem Cell Implantable Bioreactor (SCIB) is a novel cell delivery platform designed to overcome the limitations of current stem cell therapy for the heart.  The SCIB’s protective cell chamber houses delivered cells in the patient for weeks at a time and allows continuous, on-demand production and release of beneficial growth factors, cytokines and exosomes.  After a prototype SCIB housing mesenchymal stem cells was shown to be effective in protecting the heart after myocardial infarction (aka “heart attack”), Domicell designed and built a clinical-grade SCIB with plans for a first-in-human trial anticipated in 2022–2024. While conceived to prevent heart failure, SCIB-based cell therapy can be readily adapted to deliver a variety of cell products in order to treat other conditions, both cardiac and non-cardiac.

Domicell was founded by leading scientists and cardiologists at Johns Hopkins University and is currently in its seed stage of development.


How MSCRF Helped

Domicell has received funding, support, and access to a network of experts and entrepreneurs from the MSCRF since its inception. Domicell received a MSCRF Commercialization award for development and commercialization of engineered stem cell products for use in combination with the SCIB.