Gemstone Bio’s mission is to develop solutions for scar-free skin regeneration to address unmet medical needs in dermatology, plastic surgery, and burn care. Gemstone Bio is a regenerative medicine company focused on skin health. They are developing an Extracellular Matrix Replacement (EMR), a biomaterials technology that shows remarkable capabilities to restore skin without scarring after burns or excisions. The EMR is a UV-curable material with tunable manufacturing that allows incorporation of a range of therapeutics, including small molecules, biologics, or cells. They anticipate launching their first acellular EMR product in 2019 on the dermatology market. 

How MSCRF Helped

Gemstone Bio received an MSCRF Commercialization Award in 2018 to evaluate novel stem cell-loaded EMR materials for treating severe burns. The grant allows them to mature a concept that extends the EMR technology with non-dilutive funding.

Gemstone lab door