Soft tissue losses from cancer surgery, trauma, and aging are a ubiquitous problem in clinical medicine, affecting millions of patients per year. 

LifeSprout’s first-in-class synthetic, nanofiber-hydrogel composites are formulated to feel like native soft tissues while maintaining an open, porous structure. The team’s preclinical studies demonstrate excellent tissue compatibility and superior tissue integration by permitting host tissue ingrowth. The company was founded in 2015 by leading scientists and surgeons at Johns Hopkins University with the goal of developing the next-generation of synthetic soft tissue substitutes for aesthetic and reconstructive medicine.

How MSCRF Helped

LifeSprout was a TEDCO MII grantee and a TEDCO MSCRF Commercialization grantee.  The financial and in-kind support received from the TEDCO team has been invaluable towards LifeSprout’s success to-date.