Mission Statement: Precision Genome Editing in livestock for Enhancing Animal and Human Wellness and Wellbeing

RenOVAte Biosciences Inc. (RBI) is a Maryland based animal biotechnology company founded in 2016. RBI is in the business of performing sophisticated and precision genome editing and genetic engineering in livestock species, to address critical priorities of animal and human health. In the short time since inception, RBI has put together a team of highly-skilled scientists, proven itself as a commercially viable cash generating entity, and is positioned as a world-leading genetic improvement company. RBI is expanding its operations to the biomedical field, specifically the regenerative medicine applications where the domestic pig is a coveted model species. RBI’s business model requires advanced reproductive technologies including collection, culture and manipulation of embryos, surgical transfers, and ultrasound- guided transplantation of progenitor cells.  RBI is a unique group of people that has the necessary know-how and an established track record in this field for leveraging pig models for regenerative medicine applications.

Leadership Team (name, title):

  • Dr. Rob Etches, CEO
  • Dr. Bhanu P. Telugu, President & CSO
  • Sean Simpson, Chief Operating Officer
  • Dr. Ki-Eun Park, Director of Research

How MSCRF Helped

The support from the MSCRF Commercialization Grant Award will help generate the preliminary dataset and de-risk the process for raising successful VC/institutional funding in the future.