REPROCELL empowers research scientists and medical professionals to improve the quality of human life by providing unique products and services that accelerate breakthrough medical technologies and therapies. Reprocell improves efficiency and add value with a collaborative approach and custom solutions that help conquer the technical challenges of drug development, human diagnostics, and regenerative medicine. Reprocell is a worldwide leader in iPSC and drug discovery their products and services include an extensive human tissue network, RNA-based reprogramming and stem cell services, CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing, precision genome sequencing, drug discovery assays and 3D cell culture models, providing our clients unrivalled solutions for pre-clinical testing.

Reprocell's neuroscience platform enable scientists to use iPSC-derived neurons in neurotoxicity, drug discovery and efficacy screening. They strive to develop improved human diseased models and bring solutions to neurological disorders.

How MSCRF Helped

With MSCRF funding, we will be able to develop a portfolio of products and services that will successfully meet the market demand for neurodegenerative disease models. Reprocell will target the cell-based therapy market for pre-clinical use, aimed at reducing the burden of neurodegenerative diseases. As a state of the art in biobanking services, as well as a company with several proprietary methods of generating iPSCs with high efficiency and mRNA-based patent protected technology, Reprocell will be able to provide end to end services. These will include patient tissue procurement, iPSC reprogramming, neural cell differentiation, subtype validation and functionality tests. A full spectrum of quality control (QC) tests coupled with patient metadata will also be available to customers. This will position REPROCELL as a leader in preclinical assays for neurodegenerative diseases. REPROCELL will be able solve the current challenges associated with limited access to human cerebral tissue.